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  1. Corey J Corey J

    So far, I’m really enjoying your run on Astonishing X-Men. And it’s because of all the weird science you’re injecting into the stories. Will we get to see the Chinese equivalent of the X-Men?

  2. Leto Leto

    Poor Hank just can’t catch break, can he?

  3. sick! warren always does an excellent job with super hero teams……………

  4. Ben Gray Ben Gray

    Good stuff. Warren-I just picked up the last few months worth of Anna Mercury, Gravel, Doktor Sleepless, No Hero and Aetheric Mechanics, and of course all the Astonishing X-Men goods. Just wondering-is the Fell book still going? I picked up the 8 issue collected edition last summer but can not find anymore. Whats the word?-Greetings and cheers from America-thanks for the good reads-Ben Gray, 11/30/’08

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