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Your Doomed World

* George W Bush intends to leave office with class by eroding protection for endangered species and, in keeping with the themes of his presidency, basically handing the keys to the country to the oil companies.

* A third of China’s mainland is having the topsoil torn off it by wind and water erosion, to the tune of an incredible 4.5 billion tons of dirt per annum. Basically, Chinese population keeps growing, and the Chinese ability to grow crops keeps dropping. You know what a country with no topsoil looks like? Iceland. China’s around 3.6 million square miles, isn’t it? So inagine a 1.2 million-square-mile Iceland sawn off a country that’s got to feed one point four billion people a day. And when you’re situated where China is, you’re not going to be looking to the neighbours for help.

* I mentioned the new Ebola thing earlier. Which confounds any hope of a vaccine for some while.

* It’s a source of some amusement that the piratical state of Puntland is actually the most stable area in Somalia.

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