Comments Return

I’m in the midst of having some kind of brain seizure, and have reactivated comments on an experimental basis. Note that all comments, in the early phase of this trial, are moderated, and so they will not appear on the page immediately after you post them.

The experiment will last until people start pissing me off again.

13 thoughts on “Comments Return”

  1. Since I’ve started stalking your internet the comments have come and gone a few times. I figured those who were no longer able to leave their half sentence retorts would send you an email instead… with an attachment featuring there studded scrotum coin purse(s).

  2. Hey Warren,

    thanks for Aetheric Mechanics, Crecy and all the other work you release outside Marvel and DC. Thanks for these gems floating in the ocean of crap that is the mainstream of today’s comic book industry. Looking forward to Frankenstein’s Womb.

  3. You’ve gone mad. It’s only a matter of time before 4Channers flood the board demanding your daughter’s hand in marriage. The comments section should only be activated again if you have access to an arsenal of missiles and the exact locations of everyone on the internet.

    I hope you rule this land with an iron fist and a trigger finger.

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