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On Whitechapel Today

* Foetus cookies.

* Starting a new "production diary" of sorts for my forthcoming comics serial IGNITION CITY.

* The self-portraits thread never fails to amuse me.

* People tell us about interesting events in the UK happening between now and New Year. Same for the USA. Add yours.


If you are involved in making any kind of comic that is sold or can be ordered from a comics shop, please please tell us who you are here, provide a link to your web presence, and if possible run an image or two from your comic. (No more than that, please, or else threads have trouble with loading and navigation. One or two images will do the trick anyway.)

Why? Xmas is coming. I want people to give you their money. That’s a good thing, right?

(Also, steampunkery is still happening, and musicians, singers and bands are still turning up to tell people about their stuff. Which I like.)

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