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Your Doomed World

* Ghana may well have become a narcocracy while people were looking elsewhere — or, as their parliamentary minority leader phrases it, "we have allowed ourselves to be ’cocalised’." If Ghana has become the secure hub for a multinational narco-zone, West Africa is basically in deep shit.

* "Most of waste management companies in Russia don’t burn the trash but dump it around major Russian cities, so you can go and visit the place where all the used stuff goes."

* "We cut little pieces and swallowed them like pills" — Dominican migrants talk about their decision to turn to cannibalism, trapped on a stalled boat in the Mona Passage for more than two weeks.

* Assassinations, bombings, abductions, potshots taken at military helicopters and tv stations, assaults against law enforcement officers up by 103.4 percent — Ingushetia’s on fire. Why do you care? Because Ingushetia has borders with Russia, Chechnya, North Ossetia and Georgia. It’s not a place where you want to see fire, or, for instance, angry people with guns talking a lot about Sharia law. Except that that, too, is happening.

* Snake bites still kill more people per annum than dengue fever or skin cancer.

* New Zealand cult leader Brian Tamaki intends to build a holy city in South Auckland for the followers of his Destiny Church. Tamaki, who thought his church would actually be running NZ by now, takes ten percent of his 7000+ followers’ gross incomes per year, and envisions using the cash to construct a walled citystate that church members would never have to leave. Notably for a Christian cult, Destiny Churches have no crosses on display — only photos of Tamaki and his family. So that’s going to end well, then.

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