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Number 1

I thought Goldfrapp’s first album, FELT MOUNTAIN, was an interesting start. I liked the second album quite a bit, because T-Rex was playing on the radio when I grew up and hence I’ve always been a sucker for schaffel. The third album… did very little for me. The most recent, I thought, was dismal, confused and rudderless, sensing a style to love (or, as others felt, an opportunity to predate upon) but never quite locating it. And then, some while back, I tripped over a remix of "Number 1", a track from the third album. "Number 1," on the album, did nothing for me. But the remix is by Mum, a band I’ve loved since their debut (I even have the tiny mini-CD of "Nightly Cares" and the music they made with comics alchemists Metaphrog). This version is crystalline and clockwork’d, alien and chiming. It’s just a little thing, but it’s beautiful.


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