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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-10-30

  • @nvining O’Brien is 66 and Hartnell was long retired and dead at 67. #
  • And to everyone else: GOOD MORNING, SCUM #
  • @fauxred rule of thumb: if I’ve been awake less than two hours, it’s morning, regardless of what the clock says. Great lanky time fascist. #
  • @John_Corey a place where I can talk with my friends, and anyone else is welcome to listen in. I didn’t make anyone follow me. #
  • Not to say I won’t meet new people through this thing. But Twitter would be worthless to me if I had to follow 9000 people back…! #
  • I’m noticing more than a few people interested in actively “collecting” followers and telling the rest of us we’re not using Twiiter right. #

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