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Where I Am (Sept 2008)

For people wanting to send me to their sites, wanting to email stuff or tell me about new music or send me tips or whatever, I’ve set up a Gmail account that I’ll check once or twice a day: degaussing [-at-] googlemail com. This isn’t, I stress, my main email account, and it’s not for asking me when some comic’s coming out. Always interested in new music, new art, new connections, new madness etc.

If you need to contact me about writing for print or web, please contact my agent Lydia Wills using the link in the righthand menu bar.

If you need to contact me about anything involving film, tv, games or other things that move, please contact my agent Angela Cheng Caplan using the link in the righthand menu bar.

If you (for god knows what reason) wanted to send me something physical, the best solution right now would probably be to send to my literary agency in New York City.

Warren Ellis
c/o Lydia Wills
360 Park Avenue South
16th floor
New York
New York 10010

I don’t have a solution for people living closer to me as yet.

Otherwise, it’s probably easiest to find me via my message board Whitechapel. I leave Twitter on most of the day. MySpace got really slow, so I usually only check it once a day, but I can be contacted through it. I’ve given up on Facebook. The next iteration of this site will strip out the social network links: I just don’t get anything out of them any more, and they become just another online chore for me.

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