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The 4am: 15

The 4am is a selection composed entirely of music sent to me by artists. If you want your music to be played on The 4am, email your 128kbps-plus mp3 files directly to The 4am is mixed down to 128kbps, is of no set length and is released on no set schedule. If you like the 4am, please tell people.

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15: Janglenauts


Parlovr – “Pen To The Paper” (4:38)

Hot Pink Zer0 – “Edie Edie Edie” (3:33)

BlackMath – “Reading Mysteries” (1:39)

Ancient Pistol – “Massive” (3:26)

Shiverdrain & The You And What Army Faction – “Quarantine” (3:54)

Not much in the way of notes this time, as I’m pretty exhausted from a week’s holiday (funny how it always works like that).

Parlovr live in Mile End in the middle of Montreal, and have an album forthcoming this October. And they make that chiming sound I love so much. Just like the way Hot Pink Zer0 invoke Edie, thereby evoking that Sixties/Factory-obsessed period of my youth. “Reading Mysteries” is, I think, the shortest track from the demo they sent me, which I mention because they have a huge amount of stuff for you to seek out.

Ancient Pistol’s Mike Feeney notes ” Also am the principle of Questionable Priorities Records, a label for AP releases and under construction. I figured truth-in-advertising was the best path and frankly defense.” Shiverdrain & The You And What Army Faction plainly have the best band name since Lothar & The Hand People — I was actually surprised to find their piece to be an evening tide of minimal electroacoustics, and a fine way to play out the programme.

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