Sousei No Aquarion

SOUSEI NO AQUARION premiered the other day in Japan. It caught my interest because it was apparently created by Shoji Kawamori, who’s designed, storyboarded and written for the likes of PATLABOR, RAHXEPHON and COWBOY BEBOP.

Of course, I find out today that he also did ESCAFLOWNE and some of the MACROSS stuff, which does very little for me. I kind of wish I’d found that out before watching AQUARION.

AQUARION is doing the rounds as a bit torrent fansub right now. If you’ve seen NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, any episode of POWER RANGERS and any slightly wet incidental unrequited romance from any shitty soap opera ever, then you’ve seen AQUARION. AQUARION is like ironing the farts out of a dozen pairs of old trousers, sucking them into a bottle and then trying to sell it as a new perfume. This is such an arse-burgling zombie horror of a thing that I don’t even want you to steal it.

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