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World Wide Week 2008: Some Strange People

I took a minute to randomly cull out a handful of friends, comrades and fellow-travellers from the 500-odd photos I have left. Left to right, and top to bottom, they are:

Novelist Cherie Priest. Writer/Pulp Scholar Jess Nevins. Comics creator Corey Lewis.

Biologist Lenya Friesner. Writer Gareth Lyn Powell. Writer/photographer JR Blackwell.

Mad Scientist Sara Gries. Comics creator Ben Templesmith (that’s what he looks like sober.) Artist Melyssa Anishnabie.

Steampunk renaissance woman Libby Bulloff. Writer/photographer Trixie Bedlam. Artist/writer/model Zoetica Ebb.

Musician Billy Gray. Musician/writer Meredith Yayanos. Writer/actor Wil Wheaton — he shot this on the set of CRIMINAL MINDS, where he’s been working this past week.

Artist/model Katelan Foisy. Writer Tom Reynolds (what the fuck did you DO, Tom?!). Novelist/photographer Richard Kadrey.



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