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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-07-22

  • oh my god why am i awake its not even noon cannot operate clothes or actually legs or both eyes at one fuck #
  • Am at pub, working on Red Bull 2. I know you were worried. Searing heat (for Southend). What shall we do today? #
  • Just wrote an SFX column on the Eee 901. This little bugger works just fine. Email provider is down, however. Net is SO BROKEN this week. #
  • @billymeltdown But you KNOW you can’t fix anything big with Ruby, it doesn’t scale…! #
  • My little novel’s out in paperback today: #
  • Time was that Ollie Reed would set a camel alight, rape it with a log, eat it and call that breakfast. Now film stars just punch their mums. #
  • Richard Harris? Walked into a bar, drank it, set it alight and ate all the other customers as they cooked. Christian Bale? Punched his mum. #
  • Richard Burton? Ate 9 bottles of vodka and made Liz Taylor kick him in the gut until “it was all properly absorbed.” On set, between scenes. #

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