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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-07-12

  • @davepress Please give Trixie (and Irene) my best wishes for their gallery opening tonight. #
  • Ah,it’s FOO Camp this weekend. I was invited, weirdly, but UK comics writers can’t afford random flights to CA. Hope everyone’s having fun. #
  • Have cracked and ordered a pearly white Eee 901 netbook. XP, so I can run mobile broadband on it (wifi? Around here? Forget it!). #
  • @Reynolds I’ve been using tiny keyboards for years, remember. Visor & Treo foldaways, Nokia foldaways etc. A 22cm board won’t trouble me. #
  • @leedoyle XP, because I need to use mobile-broadband USB devices, and they don’t come in Linux flavour. The 904 was overkill for my needs. #
  • @Skawtnyc I’ve been writing scripts & books on tiny fold-out keyboards for many years. I like travelling light. #
  • @NWEmperor Yes, I use a Nokia N95 8GB, with a foldout SU-8W keyboard for working at the pub. #
  • It’s Saturday night on Whitechapel: #
  • @cascio just made me cough up a lung. #
  • @jogorman I use Quickoffice to write on my N95. #

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