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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-06-23

  • In 48 hours I’ll be airborne. #
  • List all the internet-based tv shows you’ve ever seen. Now list the ones you’ve watched more than 1 episode of. How short is that list? #
  • My own list, by the way, pretty much stops dead after Xeni Jardin’s BoingBoing TV, these days. #
  • Fuckit. I think my knee just did its annual blowout. Was really hoping it’d hold until past the Chicago convention. #
  • I could use a decent twitter client for the Nokia 810 tablet… #
  • Sometimes shots and “Deanna” played loud are the only way to get the leetle grey cells sparking. (“Deanna” = like radio from Hell. Still.) #
  • Oh my god. “Deanna” is by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, you scary little children you. (Yes, I know, it’s 20 years old now, shut up) #
  • Where is the special Twitter button that lets me set light to people’s eyeballs when they displease me? click whoosh aaagh sorrywarrensorry #
  • @Rantz1 -No, *I* knew it..! Got a hail of twitters from people who didn’t know it. One seemed to think I was talking about Deanna Durbin. #

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