Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-06-19

  • @BrianReed Unearthing old characters for Marvel to see if they’re worth reactivating will clip five years off your life. Trust me. #
  • Because six hours later you’re all “ah, yes, Flying Coyote Whore who some drunk invented for Luke Cage to fuck in 1975, I see potential..” #
  • And a day later you’re, “geezer, that guy who used to deliver the mail to The Fantastic Four, there’s totally a miniseries there…” #
  • And then your kid starts calling you “Scary Daddy” and your girl won’t let you touch her and you see Stan Lee when you try to jerk off. #
  • But you can’t jerk off and suddenly you’re living in the woods and you don’t remember why and someone seems to have pissed in your clothes. #
  • But you really want to write that story about the voodoo chicken guy from those old Marvel comics but old women are flinging turds at you. #
  • And cops are beating you up every night and you get raped by a hobo with a face like Roseanne who keeps saying “Cough on it, John.” #
  • And why? Because you decided to research old Marvel comics. Just walk away, Reed. Or you may never walk the same again. #
  • 4634 people following me on Twitter. Watch that number fucking plummet after today’s little digression…! #

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