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On The Leading Edge Of His Masculinity

Writer Lee Goldberg was recently contacted by an actor seeking a screen test as James Bond. What follows is an excerpt from the actor’s cover letter:

If I may have a moment of your time. I enjoyed reading your profile of James Bond, very astute. I am contacting you to see if you can help me procure a screen test to play the next James Bond. I’m a leading actor of Irish/Canadian/American descent. Although I would be following in the foot steps of Sean Connery as “a virtual unknown”, my stature is increasingly expanding.

I am a renaissance man on the leading edge of his masculinity with a foot in both traditional and frontier notions of what it means to be a man in this modern age. I’m a man who operates from his heart, humor, and his purpose. I’m considered sexy, charming and appeal to both men and women.

I have lived in or visited most continents. Speak English, French and Spanish and know a dozen more accents. I’m more London than New York, more croissant than Burger King, and more Han Solo than Luc Skywalker.

As an actor I play leads, I play me.

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