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zeitflickr 13 june 08


Image 5 is Laurenn McCubbin threatening to punch people in the face with her shiny engagement ring. (This is why they called her "McKilla." When her back is turned.) It’s Laurenn who introduced me to Natasha Strange, in image 4, who later kindly put me up in her house for a week without, you know, making me drink piss or anything. She’s also offered to carry out the castrations if I decide I do want a cadre of Temple Eunuchs to flank me at conventions.

1. Investigation-of-Greed-(&-Water)-szeretlek, 2. Cranes, 3. You know who you are., 4. preview of new pics, 5. Punching fist of engagement ring DOOOOOM!, 6. peony from my mother’s garden

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