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It’s Friday, it’s past noon UK time, so the new episode of FREAKANGELS is up, right here.

And you can all do me a favour today, if you feel so moved, by posting a link to on your blog or website, just to remind people we’re still here and still pumping out free comics episodes once a week.

Hell, you could even use the FREAKANGELS RSS Window, which auto-updates every Friday:

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  1. I dunno whether it’s because the opening panels reminded me of that great ship in “Ghost in the Shell”, but this is my favourite episode so far. Chapeau, monsieur, chapeau!

    (RSS window thingie added to my sidebar. Mission accomplished.)

  2. Ian Ian

    I have done as you commanded… posted the rss window, as well as a short article.

  3. Oooooooo. Groovy FreakAngels widget. Inserted, fortunately not by bionic monkey fist.

  4. Ok, so this is a slight break from the norm……

    FreakAngels is a free, weekly webcomic created by Eagle Award-winning writer Warren Ellis. It is written by Ellis, illustrated by Paul Duffield and published by Avatar Press.

  5. RMC RMC

    Thought this episode was especially touching, btw. I’m enjoying the weekly fix.

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