I Have Never Been Photogenic

Seriously. I do not come out well in photographs. Never have. All my friends, however, seem to really like this photo of me that was taken by this guy in Oslo a couple of days ago. Personally, I think the processing makes me look like I’ve got a skin disease, but, like I say, other people like it, so thanks, Gunnar. (Can’t tell that I hate having my photo taken, can you?)


44 thoughts on “I Have Never Been Photogenic”

  1. You look quite respectable. I just think you’re not used to seeing yourself as anything other than ghostly pale. You look healthy.

  2. It’s an excellent photograph. In particular, one is drawn to your eyes, which really grabs and pulls you in. The photographer knows his lighting, and has used it to great effect in this shot. All in all, it’s what a good photograph should be – arresting, intriguing, and capturing a certain tone. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

  3. Definitely Deadwood. I’d sure hate to be the hoople-headed cocksucker that got in your way, ifin’ you don’t mind me sayin’.

  4. From the description on Flickr this sounds like a happy accident. The finished product is fantastic. Very intriguing other world quality about it.

  5. The Flickr description points out to all but those who haven’t read it is that this is a very color-corrected photo. While Warren was apparently sitting in a low-light area and the guy’s camera overcompensated, the original piece makes him look healthy and pink-cheeked, which I think we can all agree just won’t do. So of course we can all gape about how striking his metallic android eyes are in the new version and how they’re accented by the crags and broken blood vessels in his cheeks.

    Way better photo than I could have taken, of course.

  6. I think it’s a very cool picture.

    You look like you’d be a fascinating person to pass in the street. One of those people that just makes you think, “Hunh… I wonder what that guy’s up to.”

  7. I heard tales that there was once an attempt to merge the genetic material of Michael Moorcock and Alan Moore and the result was evil personified! I don’t know why that sprung to mind just now.

  8. I’m thinking a scenery consisting of a desolate town somewhere outside Vegas.
    The wind is whipping sand across the windows, resulting in a sound much like the one the rattlesnake does before it strikes.
    A man comes walking out of the setting sun, he has eyes that seems to shine like stars on a frosty desert night, and his face looks worn and grim from the constant assault by the elements.
    He walk calmly, either not caring where he’s going, or fully aware that he has all the time in the world.

    He enters a saloon. It’s almost empty, except for the bartender, and a man sitting in the shadows smoking a pipe. It’s getting dark, and the flicker from the few oil lamps the bartender has lit only makes the shadows jump and dance across the room, like children way past their bedtime.
    He walks slowly over to the man with the pipe, who lays it down on the table.
    “What do you want?” He says with a tired voice.
    The stranger says nothing, he just gives him a smile and sits down on the other side of the table.
    The smoker seems confused for a moment, but then his eyes light up briefly, first with recognition, then with fear.
    He starts to rise, but the stranger is faster than him, throwing himself over the table, his beard impaling the man just as he gets to a crouch and his guns start coming up.
    Time stands still for a few seconds.
    Then the smoker falls backwards, breaking the frail chair he was occupying, hitting the floor with a thud.
    The stranger takes out a napkin, and wipes his beard clean from the flesh and blood of the man now laying dead on the floor.
    He slowly walks out of the saloon, and into back into the sun.
    The End.

  9. Ok, the eyes, I dig how much of a blank slate the photo on the whole is to read into whatever we want. I’m a softie today & I like the idea that all the joi is being squeezed into just your eyes. Glimmering there are those pinpoints of hope.

  10. I’m so fucking drunken right now, you would not believe. This photo is fgreat man.

    I only just realised how easy it is to poston here, i must write again. Its a good picture.

  11. Do you have eyeballs that you just trot out for the road-trips? I certainly wouldn’t put it past you to have one set for the family, one “for company”.

    The eyeballs in this picture… “These are orders”, indeed.

  12. Since you are the wonderful man who introduced me to Nick Cave, I will do you the honor of saying that you look like someone in one of his movies.

  13. Nice and gritty. Much nicer than the clean and neat look we see in other photos. And I have to agree with the Deadwood reference. Added to books with a caption of ‘Will kill you for liking reality television’ it would work well in my opinion.

  14. Liquid metal gunslinger reassembles component atoms and proceeds to annihilate small Dakota town for not having proper pub. Failing to discover any Red Bull, the LMG departs, leaving behind a smoking desolate landscape we now call the Badlands.

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