From Phone

This is really just a test of the post-by-email system using my Nokia N95 8GB phone and the little foldaway bluetooth keyboard, which I’ve fallen out of the habit of using. I need to get back up to speed with it. I’m carrying too many devices that only do part of the job right now, so I’m trying to fix up the phone so that I really only need to carry it and the keyboard for short trips.
I’m taking it and the laptop with me to Norway — it’s gotten to the point where I need a laptop if I’m away for more than a day or two, sadly. With Quickoffice installed, I can do a lot on this phone, right down to studying spreadsheets for the Artbots Festival — but international data charges for the phone are still onerous. Ten pounds per megabyte, as opposed to seven-fifty per 500MB/month at home (which still ain’t great). So in Oslo it’s going to be a laptop and praying for wifi…
Anyway. Let’s see if this works.

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  1. So, you checked the price unlike the lawyer who downloaded the Apprentice in France at a cost of just under £5000 as reported this week…

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