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Metavlogging & Phrashion

Blog = Web + log

Vlog = Video + Blog

Metalog = log re: log

Metavlog = vlog re:log or log re:vlog or vlog re:vlog

Some elements represented by the Metavlogging: Video web Logging + mobile device video display mirroring + video screen capturing + Geo-tagging + metadata video frame imprinting. Metavlogging may incorporate media and synchronizable metadata logs. An application includes recording use-scenarios of ubiquitous computing interfaces in software and environmental contexts.

Phreak = Telephony + Hacker + Freak

Phrashion = Phreak + Wearable Technology

Phrashionasa = Phrasion + NASA + Fashionista

igargoyle – cyborg and wearable computing news

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