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Kode9 & The Spaceape

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  1. RMC RMC

    This track is great; you could fall off a cliff wandering around inside looking for the exact source of that dancehall-ey hook. Like the text pieces in the video too. It’s Burroughs, rather than Burial’s Ballard, to my mind. “Dr Benway and the Audible Virus”

  2. crw crw

    The vid evokes memories of Jeff Noon’s book “Needle in the Groove”. Now I have to read it again.

  3. amplifier amplifier

    Great video for this, had that feeling of obliteration of self via bass pressure at the last dubstep gig I went to.

    I;m really digging Quarta330’s version of this, done on gameboys. there’s a preview on his myspace. give it a minute for the bassline

  4. Brad Tuttle Brad Tuttle

    Blinding, totally blinding…was a bit worried when the skanking people appeared toward the end of the vid but was much happier when their heads started exploding. nice.

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