14 thoughts on “SFTV: PHOENIX FIVE”

  1. Sure do. It’s Australian, as the accents would attest. Most of the episodes are lost I believe. The people to ask about it are the Mu Meson archives http://www.mumeson.org I’ve seen some episodes screened before their feature films and they might trade you some copies if you want.

  2. Yeah, this used to reappear on Australian tv periodically. Evil scientists, square-jawed folk in yellow tunics (who, i ask, made yellow the colour of intergalactic adventure?) and robots which had a striking resemblance to our backyard water heater. Weird too.. remember it being very bright and colourful.. oh and budget, very, very budget.

  3. My strongest memory of it was then when the ship’s rockets fired you could see the iron filings from the sparklers collecting on its wings…

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