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I’m off on the road again this month.

On 23 May, I’ll be speaking at the Norwegian Film Institute. (Also appearing during this seminar are the major European comics figure Igort and the brilliant Killoffer.)

I will also be appearing at the Oslo Comics Expo (fuck-all details on website at present) on Saturday 24 May at 17:00, doing an onstage Q&A. No plans for a signing.

In real terms, this means that I arrive in Oslo airport tired and confused at 11 o’clock at night, attempt to get to central Oslo on my own without getting mugged or raped, locate my hotel, confirm that it’s not a crackhouse or a knocking-shop for backpackers, fail to sleep because I’ve timeshifted an hour, pass out around dawn, wake up five minutes later, jabber incoherently for two hours to a room full of filmmakers who don’t actually speak my language anyway, spend the next 24 hours staggering around town using the only two words of Norwegian I can remember ("thankyou" and "beer"), throw up over a small group of people at Comics Expo who were only standing there because they were looking for Killoffer, and then get myself conveyed back to the airport by ambulance on Sunday.


See you there?

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  1. Mopper Mopper

    I’ll try to one of the events. The film one should be fun, especially since I’ll be about 72 hours away from an oral exam in Theory of Modern Aesthetics (with a focus on film). And don’t worry about the getting mugged/raped thing, Oslo is such a nice little town….which is me and the wife moved to Drøbak, 35 kilometers away.
    See you there! :-B

  2. Mopper Mopper

    insert these bits into the last post, and it’ll make a little more sense: “get to” (first sentence) and “why” (last sentence, after the four dots). It’s late, so forgive me. Please.

  3. David David

    Ah, Norway.
    Expect complete lack of good organization due to the embarrasment of actually trying to achieve anything.
    Expect none of our shoegazing population to be able to express themselves properly, or say anything interesting beyond memorized snippets to seem cool.
    There will be no liquor sold after a reasonable person gets up in the afternoon.

    But, its spring and our ladies, as opposed to british ones, are actually worth looking at.
    Have fun, check out Tronsmo for a good comic/book shop (our only good one) if you havent already.

    You just missed the only tiny riot well have this year, but we will try to schedule at least a small thievery in your vicinity so you can watch our rent-a-cops (now population 5-1 of proper cops)swarm a poor guy.
    If you stray from your path police cars with fences will push you in place.

  4. David David

    Sorry, 50-1

  5. Thermidor Thermidor


    Sounds a lot like some of my gigs.
    *scratches head*

  6. Eiriken Eiriken

    Hey, Oslo got some hookers though. I always get bother by them when I’m visiting that city. Oslo is a nice city in the summer, at day time, if the weather is nice though.

  7. Andy Lee Andy Lee

    Will Wolverine be attending the Oslo Comics Expo? I hope so. I would not attend the Oslo Comics Expo unless one member of the Howlett family was present. More Wolverine at the Oslo Comics Expo.

  8. Iselin Iselin

    I’ll come get you at the airport if you want (no sulking in the car, though), and you are staying close to to where all the hookers are, and there will be beer (no puking around me) and hungover, sleep depraved British men make fascinating conversation (makes you sound almost Norwegian). I’ll even get you a “I TRAVEL ALONE, PLEASE TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU”-sign to wear around Oslo in case you get lost. See you soon!

  9. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis


    …wait, who are you calling depraved?

  10. Simen Thoresen Simen Thoresen

    You posted your arrival-time here – outch. The airport is fairly close to the city, and people with time on their hands (or other appendages) might want to improvise.

    I also have this weird impression that I’m supposed to treat you to beer, aquavit and possibly whale-meat during your stay, but as your schedule probably is packed I’m unsure how to arrange this without alerting your minders. No worries, we’ll make it or die trying :-)

    On a lighter note; The local comic-magazine M has a piece on your Iron Man: Extremis in the current (Indiana Jones-themed) issue. If I had known about this before, I could have bought it before. Sigh.

  11. MrP MrP

    They’re FINALLY coming around to making you visit Norway? Awesome. I’ll be… literally on the other side of the country. Dammit.

    Oslo isn’t that bad when it comes to being mugged or raped. If you walk down the Karl Johan street, however, you WILL be seeing a lot of beggars, drug addicts and possibly also hookers. Which, I guess, is good if you like that sorta thing.

    Hope you’re getting stuff covered, too. Food’s a bit expensive.

  12. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Finally? I’ve been to Norway several times, and I know my way around Oslo, too.

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