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What Is A Reed Sodger, Anyway?

sodger (Nth N’d) – the scarlet ladybird: "Reed, reed sodger, flay away / and
make the morn a sunny day"

R.[Richard] Oliver Heslop’s ’Northumberland Words’ (2 vols, English Dialect Society, 1893-4)

The song "Reed Sodger" is made of fragments of songs and folk rhymes from Tyneside and Northumberland – about throwing Ladybird into the air "Reed, reed sodger sodger fly away / And make the morn a sunny day", a May carol sung in streets of Newcastle…

John Barleycorn Reborn track listing booklet

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  1. Kris Kris

    …I’ve no authority on this other than the occasionally vaguely similar ways in which Geordie (theirs) and Jock (mine) accents merrily fold, spindle and mutilate the Queen’s English, but I’m guessing “reed sodger’s” just a looser interpretation of ‘red soldier’ than you’re used to, down your way… I am also quite prepared to feel somewhat of a twat if you were just messing with that question, though, and I’ve come in all straight-faced, with my Mr Answers hat on…

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