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I Miss Vancouver

It turns out that one of the readers on my mailing list runs Cocoa Nymph in Vancouver. "Artisanal chocolate" is the term, apparently. The site is basically chocolate porn. Can you miss a city you only lived in for two weeks? You can when Cocoa Nymph is there.

(Vancouver also has amazing beer and seafood.)

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  1. scott scott

    you’re missing out on a lot of things in vancouver.

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Oh, believe me, I know. What pissed me off most about the GLOBAL FREQUENCY pilot not being picked up was not getting to move to Vancouver for six months of the year.

  3. Hey, nice, I didn’t know about this shop, thanks for the address!
    (and yeah, it’s a shame… first time I comment here, and instead of thanking you for all the awesome stories, I thank you for a chocolate shop tip…)

  4. We would’ve loved to have had you here.

  5. dkscully dkscully

    “I miss Vancouver”…

    You and me both, sir.

    I’m currently struggling to focus on anything but my upcoming trip out thataways, and that’s not until August!

  6. Now I need to find Cocoa Nymph.

    Chocolate is great after a nice sushi dinner.

  7. Now I must drag my chocolate-whore self across English Bay to acquire the luxuries.

  8. BJ BJ

    I am actually going to a dinner tonight at FigMint that’s pairing Crannog beers with each course:

    * Roast Venison with Smoked Chocolate and Espresso Jellies with Bogtrotter Brown Ale
    * Foie Gras Torchon with Braised Kumquats and Spiced Streusel with Red Branch Irish Ale
    * Lemon Sorbet with Grapefruit & Micro Basil Salad with Beyond the Pale Ale
    * Pork Belly Confit with Black Truffles, Pork Scratching, Wild Mushrooms, Apricot-Marjoram Jus with Hell’s Kitchen Ale
    * Le Peral Blue Cheese with Poached Organic Prunes and “Burnt” Onion Foam with Back Hand of God Stout

    Sometimes I love this city.

  9. Thomas Thomas

    Amazing – I’ve been wanting to get out of Vancouver for years now, and suddenly I kind of want to stay.


    Vancouver misses you as well. (Although that Global Frequency pilot was…meh.)

  10. BJ, have you tried FigMint’s Cheeese Tasting? Four cheeses, four whiskies. Ian had it one night and was drunk for two days. They also have this stunning drink called Mint, made with an infusion of Concorde grapes. Amazing. I love that place.

  11. Good timing on posting this. I’m headed to Victoria with my wife next week for a conference, and Vancouver is just a train ride up the island. Now we’ll have to check it out.

  12. Warren,

    Thanks enormous bucket-loads for your posting and comments! If there’s some way we can send you a box of your very own chocolate porn, please let me know.

  13. Sorry David, Vancouver is on the mainland. However you can take a train up-island to Nanaimo and catch a ferry across the Georgia straight. Takes about three hours.

    Or spend a little extra and grab a float plane from Victoria harbour. It’s just a 30 minute flight.

  14. BJ BJ

    Pia, I haven’t tried that (Wednesday was my first visit though I doubt my last) but it sounds great. I have had a couple of very good experiences with a four cheese, four beer pairing at DIX.
    You’ve also reminded me that I want to do one more whisky orgy at the Shebeen before they move.

  15. I miss Vancouver too. I used to hit up Pezzo Pizza on Robson quite a lot when living downtown several years back. Additionally, Olympia Seafood on Thurlow has the best fish’n’chips in the world.

  16. Chris Chris

    Warren, I can understand why you miss Vancouver. I’ve lived here my whole life and I will never call another city home.

    Turns out I live just up the street from Cocoa Nymph and have never been there. That will change tonight, I promise you that.

    Come back soon Warren. Vancouver misses you too.

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