“Poison Gas Being Produced”

A Japanese 14 year old has committed suicide by mixing common household cleaners, releasing fumes that made dozens of people sick.

There has been a spate of similar suicides since details of the technique were posted on the internet. At least 30,000 people in Japan have killed themselves every year since 1998, according to national statistics.

The unidentified girl in Konan City left a note on the bathroom door of her family’s flat saying "poison gas being produced", Japanese media said. About 90 neighbours went to hospital feeling ill, including the girl’s mother, who was out of the flat during the suicide but later returned.

Police said the teenager mixed detergent with a liquid cleanser to make hydrogen sulphide. The gas is colourless but smells like rotten eggs and is highly toxic, leading to suffocation or brain damage.

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Dozens hit by Japan ’suicide gas’

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