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  1. Mike B Mike B

    I live in Eugene, Oregon.
    The University of Oregon, here in town, has the duck as its mascot. About 35 miles north in Albany, Oregon State University has as their mascot, the beaver.
    The rivalry between the two schools is intense, and during the “Civil War” when the two football teams play, you’ll see signs around town saying “Hot Duck on Beaver Action is Here!”.
    Only in Oregon…

  2. RMC RMC

    “Madame, have you ever had a Canadian Beaver Buzz?”

    “How dare you! I’m just hear to have my back waxed!”

  3. I haven’t tried this one yet, but the one that comes in the blue can is pretty damned tasty.

  4. Chris Chris

    A Beaver Buzz still can’t beat a Red Bull. But anythings better than blue balls.

  5. I know the owner of the company and have a crippling addiction to energy drinks. On St. Patrick’s day at my bar (where I work) Red Bull sent two fine young lasses with free cans for me. A lot of free cans. Beaver Buzz sent nothing… that slight did not go unnoticed.

  6. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I was approached a few years back to design this mascot & can. I turned it down when I saw their offer was so low (something like $50), and I remember thinking “Here’s a product that’ll never see the light of day.” Go figure.

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