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  1. Just got home wasted from the pub. Just what I needed to see, thank you Love Swami.

  2. That was…interesting… What the hell was with the amputee walking on four blades? Or the face on the floor?

    Or any of it…man, so glad I watched it just before heading to bed…

  3. Rick Rick

    I spent more time laughing than anything else. I assume this is normal.


  4. yup.

    that did it.

    you broke me.


  5. Ian Ian

    Please sir, may I have another?

    No, seriously… I need more of that, if it’s a movie (which I’m guessing…) I need to find it.

  6. Okay, I’m officially desensitized. I looked at it with mostly a quizzical if not indifferent opinion. :|

  7. Pat Pat

    Still in production? Guess I’ll finally sit down to Meatball Machine, and track down One Armed Machine Girl to while away the time.

  8. sean sean

    sigh…I think I am officially desensitized. That didn’t bother me at all. Of course, I live in Detroit I just kept wondering the context for things like the vagina monster. I mean, there must have been a reason. I did think that last shot was brilliant.

  9. Great. Like I don’t flash back to my first marriage enough WITHOUT assistance.

  10. E0157H7 E0157H7

    Finally, something to compete with Ichi The Killer and Story of Riki, although I don’t know if Kakihara dumping boiling oil on the guy suspended from hooks after cooking tempura in it can be beat. You have to give credit to the amazing prop work in these sorts of movies, if nothing else.

  11. Michel Michel

    Nice way to liven up an otherwise boring breakfast. Thanks.


  12. Which begs the question, how much movie could possibly be left after they show us all that in the trailer? Not much of a teaser when it’s all right there. Ah well.

    For something actually disturbing, try this out:

    the photography of Manaby Yamanaka

  13. Christ! Gimp masks, lots of rubber, amputation, boxes of body parts, and… guns that shoot fists? I assume that there’s a plot here somewhere, but it’s better consumed devoid of anything resembling context.

  14. Albides Albides

    I bet the trailer for the sequel is just a red fountain zooming in and out for five minutes.

  15. Ozgur Ozgur

    Shit, even when they try to make an actual movie with real people, the geist of manga seeps in from somewhere and turns any jap horror movie into a grindfest. a comical and mostly funny grindfest. They got the right ingredients but mixture is totally wrong. I mean if an ideal horror movie uses 1/2 oz. of blood they want to use 2000 gallons of blood to make it more bigger and scarier yet fails because of all that.

    then again if I find it in the local moviestore I’d buy it without any hesitation.

  16. Petkov Petkov

    is that the chick from Audition? She is damn hawt

  17. So…. anyone got a DVD release date? Still waiting on Machine Gun Girl to come out.

  18. Tokyo Gore Police looks like it’s full of fuckawesome and win.

    The Machine Girl hits DVD on June 3rd, Meatball Machine is out now and the same director also did Battlefield Baseball which is also out now on DVD, though it’s not quite the same splatterfest this other stuff falls in with, but there are zombies, so that’s a plus one.

  19. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I linked that months ago.

  20. BobDog BobDog

    WTF!WTF! Dammit i think my brain just exploded. Ah man, watta mess…..

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