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Hans-Joachim Roedelius: “Regenmacher”

1978. Whenever I play this, I’m mildly amazed. “Regenmacher” was on the album DURCH DIE WUSTE, and it was released in 1978. I can hear so many other pieces of music in it now — so many things that “Regenmacher” prefigured. I first heard this around 1996, and knew then that Jarre must’ve listened to it before MAGNETIC FIELDS and ZOOLOOK. Something new every time. I happened to play this next to Animal Collective’s FEELS the other day, just jamming random shit into the cd changer, and goddamn. It’s there in FEELS too. And it’s just a strange and beautiful thing in itself.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius – "Regenmacher"

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  1. This is really cool! Thank you for posting it.

    I don’t know Roedelius’s solo stuff that well but Cluster’s ‘Zuckerzeit’ still reveals new things each time I hear it.

  2. … And he’s one of the nicest guys in the business. The Begegnungen (Eno, Roedelius, Moebius and Plank) albums are a huge inspiration.

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