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SF Magazines: “No, Don’t Pay Attention To Us, Your Eyes Burn Our Delicate Skin”

Six months ago, I was talking here about sf magazines. One of those posts was called “Designed To Be Wanted”. It’s something at which the sf magazines largely fail, and an illustration of such came through my letterbox the other day.

Here’s the cover for the most recent issue of UK sf magazine INTERZONE. See if you can spot the error.

See it yet? Let me help you out.

That’s right. A new story by multiple-award-winning author Greg Egan, described as “one of the genre’s great ideas men” by the Times and whose entire bibliography was re-released in paperback by Gollancz in the UK in February. Best not to call attention to that, eh? Bury it in the sidebar with everything else.

I still have high hopes for TTA in re: INTERZONE, but that was an idiot mistake, and makes them look like they don’t even want to attract the attention of sf readers. They should know better.

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