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That Bloody Silly Day

I’m not going to be linking to one single "weird" news story today, because I’m tired and busy and I could shear the roof off your house with the power of my stress alone and this bloody silly day means that the net will be awash with bullshit. And, frankly, when you read the news sites I read, it’s tough enough on a normal day to sort the actual stories from the crap some schizo at Ananova made up while on a meths binge.

Photos and music and friends today, I think.

Which reminds me: Moshi Moshi have announced for pre-order a CD collection of their vinyl Singles Club releases. This includes the sublime "Because We’re Dead" by Slow Club. Unless that turns out to be a gag too. But they just took my money for it, so if it’s a stunt then someone’s going to get an ignited puppy shoved through their letterbox in the very near future.

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