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Sunday. Gales and rain. Home alone until Tuesday evening, if plans hold. Which means, hopefully, I’ll be able to power through much of the rest of the immediate backlog, having taken care of the last emergency job, which was writing the first stage of the animation gig that I’m apparently not allowed to tell you about until June.

That said, I didn’t wake up until 2pm today, and was functionally useless yesterday. I think I was mostly ranting at poor Emma Vieceli about the structure of the Horatio Hornblower stories. Some days I think I’m turning into Steve Aylett‘s Jeff Lint, and will end up yelling at strangers about how we’re all ghosts nailed to pigmeat or something…

Horrified Twitter readers yesterday with the following send:

“I have a new ambition. I want to be Davros. A SEXY Davros.”

Two results from this. 1) a few people never watched DOCTOR WHO. 2) A hundred people added themselves to my Twitter list. Go figure. It would seem there’s a small amount of money to be made in Davros fetishism.

FAQ; Apparently a lot of people think I’m going to the New York con this year. I’m not. Nor am I going to San Diego.

Got enough for another short podcast tonight/tomorrow, I think. You all know the deal by now — email mp3s to warrenellis [at] if you want to play. Other tips, links, photos, wisdom and filth for consideration go to degaussing [at]

Note to self: if you’re going to wander outside the house to have a cigarette, put some clothes on first.

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