Ordered To Eat The Enemy

The head of Charles Taylor’s Liberian death squad is testifying at the Hague right now that African peacekeepers and even United Nations personnel were killed and eaten on the battlefield:

"Did Charles Taylor order you to eat people?" Griffith asked.

"Yes, to set an example for the people to be afraid," Marzah replied. He appeared unfazed by Griffith’s blunt queries, and responded in matter-of-fact tones to such questions as "How do you prepare a human being for the pot?"

Marzah then described the splitting, cleaning, decapitating and cooking of the corpse with salt and pepper. "We throw your head away," he said…

"Which ones taste best?" Griffith asked. "There was no alternative but to do it your own way," Marzah replied. Enemies, he was told, "are no longer human beings."

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