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At the pub — or, rather, outside the pub — on a chilly afternoon that’s just starting to spit with rain. Once I’ve done these two cans of Red Bull, I have to head into town to buy a plug-and-play external DVD-ROM drive, and probably a USB hub. For tonight I attempt to reclaim my DSL.

As noted previously, the mobile-internet USB modem I bought from 3 has some issues. Not least of which is a 7GB monthly bandwidth cap. Which has been interesting in that it’s reminded me of exactly how much daily bandwidth I’ve been using for the last few years. On a normal day, I’d grab a tv programme, an album’s worth of music — and that’s getting on for a gig’s worth of material right there — spend an hour on Bloglines getting up to speed with the world, which usually involves watching more video and streaming more audio, move a LOT of email with images and documents, watch a handful of online communities, do research. And before you know it, rough calculations start reaching the 3GB/day level.

That’s a lot of data to eat. I’m watching the 3 bandwidth counter like a hawk, in case I can’t get DSL back up, and I’ve used more than a gig since Monday.

Somewhere along the way, I let bandwidth become one of the major food groups. Or, perhaps more correctly, my interests and choice of jobs have led me to the point where bandwidth has become one of the elements I require to get through the working week. And, like water coming out of the tap, you take it for granted until it turns into a brown trickle.

Wouldn’t be so much of an issue if anyone around here used wifi. But, as I’ve noted before, people around here think wifi is a euphemism for a stolen stereo.

Off to town. Here we go.

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