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Still Offline

I am writing this on the Nokia 810 tablet — bless you, Quim Gil, and who knew this would become mission-critical kit so quickly? — As bluetoothed into the phone. It turns out that data recovery is in my future. A professional data recovery service just turned down the job — ¨ItÅ› only a 250GB hard drive, sir, you´d be better off taking it to a local shop rather than have us charge you 900 quid for such a little job¨ — and so I have to call around the local places tomorrow to find someone who can expedite the job of slaving the drive, yanking the data off it and reinstalling XP over it.
Short version: I doubt Iĺl be online before Wednesday, somehow.
So, if youÅ•e someone looking for pages from me, or waiting to hear from me on some social network or forum…youÅ•e shit out of luck, Im afraid…

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