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The 4am: 9

The 4am is a mixtape file containing nothing but music donated directly by new and/or unsigned acts. The 4am is of no set length and is released on no set schedule. The 4am is mixed down to 128 of the kbps. The 4am is inside your house. The 4am is touching all your stuff.

The 4am needs music: If you want your music to be played on The 4am, email your 128kbps-plus mp3 files directly to, including your website address.

The 4am 8 has been listened to by 4428 people as I write this.

9: Poptometry

Opening with BLAMMOS’ recent single “How Do You Know?” We’re doing pop music this week, sort of, and BLAMMOS are definitely a pop band. Click through to their main website from the MySpace link below and you’ll find more free music, videos and other stuff.

“Between Sky And Sea” is from Dive Index’s current album, which in addition to this song features collaborations with the likes of Ian Masters (from Pale Saints). When, on “Between Sky And Sea,” vocalist Natalie Walker reaches the chorus, it’s like warm honey.

Onlooker’s “Cavalier” is the first track off their self-published collection, “Today I’m a Gunmaker,” which is due to hit the online record stores sometime this month. Brandon Whitesell of Onlooker says: “I imagine that this song is about chemical dependence, destroyed eco-systems and biological chaos… and an army of stuffed bears wearing gas-masks and marching through the rainy streets of downtown…” And he’s not wrong. If possibly a bit mad.

“Song In D” has one of those guitar sounds I just love, and Mock Orange are clearly moving towards reaching some Epic Pop Moment one day. Revel in hearing them a couple of years before their inexorable descent towards their Champagne Cheeseburger Cocaine Moment.

I am closing with a Cornish drunk’s idea of pop: Kemper Norton’s back. A statement on “Winterval”: “a slightly-too-late seasonal track about a moment of desperate realisation that those around you are having too much fun and that you will die alone one day.” Which, miserable as it is, is entirely more useful a description than my own “fucking brilliant, mate.”

See you next week, where I shall attempt to return to the disorienting noises and distant clanking sounds you’ve come to expect from The 4am.


BLAMMOS – “How Do You Know?” (3:49)

Dive Index – “Between Sky And Sea” (4:31)

Onlooker – “Cavalier” (5:12)

Mock Orange – “Song In D” (3:44)

Kemper Norton – “Winterval” (5:34)

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