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I note the launch of science fiction groupblog io9 mostly because my friend Eliza Gauger created their mascot/icon, and because acquaintances Graeme McMillan and Geoff Manaugh (of the excellent BLDGBLOG) are doing a little writing for it. It’s Geoff’s involvement — engaged to write about “science-futurism,” apparently — that engenders most hope. So far, all I’ve seen is a load of old scrote about Indiana Jones and Star Trek, some (slightly dated) science news and mong fodder like “what’s the fastest super-car in sci-fi?” that’d make even the drunks at SFX retch.

I guess that if you actually talk to strangers in the street about TRON and your mother drank a bit too much while you were in the womb, io9 will be just what you always wanted. It’s not actually bad, and everyone involved knows how to write a sentence. It’s just kind of dumb, and sort of lays there and uses electricity without really justifying its existence, containing within itself any meaning or point, or, really, doing anything. I guess that, when it’s science fiction, you don’t have to try harder.

But that’s a really pretty picture, Eliza.

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