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My old friend, Dr Joshua Ellis of Las Vegas, is editor in chief of the new travel blog Volette:

Volette is going to focus on travel narratives, with lots of hot info on travel gear, trip planning, cheap fares/hotels. We’re geared less at tourists and more at travelers. And if I’m involved, you know it’s gonna get weird… In the days and weeks to come, we’ll be adding video features, more pictures, and a lot of general goodness to the site. We plan to make Volette something more than just another blog — we want to make it a multimedia destination for people who are interested in travel and travelling…

There’s a particularly good, if broad piece on Oslo, an occasional destination of mine, up there right now, with a wonderful line in the middle that sums the place up for me:

My Norwegian friends’ motto is; “having fun should hurt a little.”

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