On The Cane Again

On The Cane Again

Fuck this changeable weather. Hobbled up to the pub like an old man again.
There’s a fair chance I’ll be taking this with me to Canada at the end of
April for my convention appearance in Toronto. I am writing this partly to
share the misery of my 23 years of a fucked knee, and partly to see if this
moblogged entry goes into the RSS feed properly.

— W

6 thoughts on “On The Cane Again”

  1. Both text and article have turned up in my Blogline subscription.

    I’d take the cane with you anyway, it’ll let you hit all those smug Canadians with their lovely clean city and lack of alcoholics gathering around the public toilets.

    But you do get table service in their pubs…even the ‘English’ ones.

  2. RSS didn’t seem to be working earlier, but now it’s kicking.

    LACK of ALCOHOLICS gathering ’round public toilets???
    Tom, have ya never been here?

  3. Yep I’ve been to Toronto, and compared to East London, the lack of alcoholics is a marked difference. The homeless sleepng in the middle of the pavements instead of huddling in piss-stained doorways must be nicer for the people who have to deal with them.

    I just guess I have a different threshold of scrote ‘appreciation’.

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