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The Black Winds

An anonymous student posts a wonderfully vile idea to John Shirley’s eschatological site Signs Of Witness:

…something we call ?The Black Wind? may well be coming within ten or twenty years or even sooner. The Black Wind is somewhat speculative but we believe it?s 90% probable that a combination of fronts of high Co2 atmosphere?with very little oxygen?and synergistically created pockets of poisoned air, essentially vaporized mercury, sulfites, PCBs, and acid rain, will combine, due to temperature convections that organize them into contiguous areas, to create ?black winds? which are great fronts of toxified wind that will kill all organisms in their path.

(Something in the back of my head is associating this with the “impetus niger” occult theory… which I only dimly remember, and, weirdly, seems to have never made it to the net)

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