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  1. Goes strangely well with sour cream.

  2. rob rob

    Ask Ben to send you some.

  3. Groovespook Groovespook

    Kangaroo meat is only good for DOG FOOD.


  4. Phizz Phizz

    I had tataki kangaroo last Friday at a fusion Japanese restaurant – it was absolutely amazing.

    It’s great meat, really. A cross between good moo-steak and Venison when it’s cooked properly. Funny thing is, it’s be the most expensive dish on the menu at any fancy restaurant here in Oz, but you can pick it up from the supermarket for 10 bucks a kilo.

  5. Antiguru Antiguru

    A bit tough, but very tasty. If you show up in Vancouver again, a place called Locus serves a great roo burger.

  6. Jon Jon

    Back in the 90’s they were selling it in UK stores as ‘exotic meat’, which riled the veggies – who picketed head offices dressed as kangaroos. An Aussie supermarket PR diplomatically helped defuse the row: ‘I’ve been roo huntin’ meself mate, it’s fun, the blighters are vermin, they eat all the grass’

  7. It’s delicious. And becoming my meat of choice.

    Skippy – it’s what’s for dinner!

  8. P-Frank P-Frank

    Kangaroo is an interesting bit of meat. It walks the line between being tourist food (just like how you Brits serve up pigeon in a Ye Olde Pub) and actually being quite good. I’ve had some after a few extra drinks and it can be done quite well.

    Though when it is bad, it is tough and shitty. Have you ever had alligator? That is what bad kangaroo tastes like.

  9. Put some roo in your doo. God damn I’m funny…

  10. Shin Jimmy Shin Jimmy

    I have heard that german sausage makers reckon that roo meat is some of the best sausage meat around. Also there are so many of em out here its not like we’ll ever run out.

  11. Pazu Pazu

    Roo mince is also great for bolognese sauce. The meat has hardly any fat in it.

  12. johnboy johnboy

    chili con skippy is fantastic. roo meat is in most aus supermarkets now and is very popular.

  13. Simon Simon

    The key with kangaroo meat is that, in the amount of space it takes to raise a herd of beef cattle, you could get something like three times the amount of meat by raising kangaroos on the land instead.

    I’m a fan of kangaroo sausages, myself, but I have a few objections to plain kangaroo steak. It has a very metallic taste to it. Though that might have just been the bullet.

  14. JC JC

    I’m just sayin’, I’m eating some right now.

    Southern Hemisphere ftw

  15. Liam Shiels Liam Shiels

    Yeah, i’m ll for killing roos.

    I loooove Roo. I eat it whenever I can.

    But enviro wise, roos are a rarity in that their population actually increased when Europeans turned up and made way for farming land. Some breeds are endangered and getting rarer, but the common grey, thanks to interesting biological quirks like the ability to jump over fences, be constantly pregnant, reach 60mph and kill dogs, is going stronger than ever. So killing them is a good thing, and eating them is just a matter of cooking it right (low in fat, so they won’t stay tender if well done, must be eaten bloody to medium rare).

  16. JC JC

    There was a segment on 60 Minutes a while back about some American woman (who had never been to Australia) finding out about a guy who shoots them for a living. He worked as pest control for the State and to make human/dog food. She tried to sue him for animal cruelty.

    The look on his face was magic. “I’m being what’d by WHO?”

  17. MGL MGL

    Is there some way we can get a kangosterducken?

  18. allium allium

    Kangoturducken? Simple.

    Just go back in time to 1640, find the Dutch ship Haze (a 26-gun converted merchantman, probably off the Portugese coast) and send it to the bottom of the Atlantic. Her captain, Michiel de Ruyter, would later become one of the heroes of the Anglo-Dutch Wars. Without him they lose badly, and as part of their enhanced war booty the British learn about a poorly explored continent south of the Spice Islands. They show up at “Charlesland” a century before Captain Cook, and when the Acadians refuse to swear loyalty to the Crown in 1755 it’s off to the outback for them.

    The development of French Canadian Rules football I leave as an exercise for the reader.

  19. David David

    I had some kangaroo back when I went to Australia. It’s good, but I think being able to say you ate it is cooler then it tastes.

  20. Jesse Jesse

    In Soviet Australia, kangaroo disembowel you. So just singe the fur off over the fire and eat bloody.

  21. aidee aidee

    Get your hibachi on and grill them kangaroo fillets quickly – make sure they are medium rare… Serve with a bit of red wine butter and Warren is your uncle!

  22. jk jk

    Roo is a good meat. I’m vegetarian these days but used to eat a bit of roo as a carnivore. Lived for some time in a remote desert township in northern Australia where kangaroo tail was a highly prized delicacy. Easy to cook too. Just throw it on the fire until the fur and skin burns off and the fats sluice out.
    however ’twas a little gristly for my tastes.

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