20 Responses to “Edison Hate Future”

  1. HE LIVES!

  2. Yay, Edison’s back!

  3. Thanks! I think we’ve all been waiting for this.

  4. squee!

    Edison hath returned

  5. the return of edison cures disease.

    (most of the diseases caused my the massacre of the engine archive)

  6. His glorious return is more triumphant than I ever hoped it could be.

  7. Edison hath returned. Now shall all ye rejoice.

  8. Edison’s ear buds: Let him show you them.

  9. Welcome back! Sorry Warren still forces you to do this.

  10. I’ve missed him so much! Poor Edison, Injecting vodka and MDMA into his head again.

  11. Long Live EHF!

  12. Edison miss Limelight.


  13. Edison’s wisdom has been sorely missed. He still needs to hurry up and invent The Button.

  14. Edison was copyrighted two years ago

  15. Poor Edison! Did Tesla glue those things into his ears?

  16. Good God. I was just wondering about him last week.

    Ellis, get out of my head! Here’s an Eviction Notice. (Right, like that works ever with squatters! Help me, I’m possessed!)

  17. *harumph*


  19. Hey, are the Edison Hate Future shirts still around? I think they were on the same site that sold Engine shirts, but I’ve no clue to what that site was/if it’s still around.

  20. Does anyone know if the site that sold EHF shirts is still around? (and/or what the address is?)