5 thoughts on “Conan! What Is Best In Life?”

  1. So does he have tongue piercings too, or would that be redundant? He should rent out ad space on his cheek plates.
    I believe I saw this man’s female protege in Liepzig once during the ascension day festivities.

  2. I found it funny that some people doubted this was real after all the other crazy shit that’s been on ModBlog. “Well, I cut my cock up the middle but those cheek plates are just way too crazy.”

  3. I got to agree with Manzo.
    How is it we find this guy to stupid to be for real but we find the others too sick to not to be for real?

    I did a deep search on this but my german and russian are only good enough to insult a lot of NYC immigrants, but not to follow leads…

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