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  1. Who is there among us who doesn’t love the Cock?

    And surprisingly, the image IS Safe for Work!

  2. Jake Wildstrom Jake Wildstrom

    This all sounds pretty good to me, actually, but I’ve been away from Hungary too long (prices look stupidly cheap too, unless there’s a digit off the edge of the shot).

    But what is all this fine meaty goodness doing on a wine list?

  3. Richard Griffith Richard Griffith

    Hey it is with Paprika, can’t be bad. Now if they used Fennel …

  4. me me

    Big deal.
    There is a restaurant in Athens, Greece that has been running for many many years, where the entire menu reads something like :
    “Hard on”,
    “Stuffed Testicles”,
    “Mary’s Tits” .. you get the idea.

    So you go an order a “Juicy AssHole” and the waiter comes along with a male-genitalia-shaped plate containing a humble steak or something like that.

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