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Gareth Jelley Print Sale

Traveller/photographer Gareth Jelley is selling prints of his excellent work, as regularly featured here.

Here are some prints I’m planning on selling before I leave for China. There is an unlimited number of each available, but the timeframe is quite short, as I fly out later this week.

1. Cigarette
2. Gaze
3. They Will Break Your Heart, Every Time
4. We Can Only Imagine
5. Petrified Forest Aesthetic
6. Space Station Aesthetic

Each photograph will be printed at 12 x 8, will be signed and numbered, and will be sent out well packaged via Korean post.

One print, to the USA or the UK, will be 30 USD, inclusive of postage, but I’m willing to negotiate if you want more than one. And sending to most destinations shouldn’t be a problem. And if I can find a way to make printing them significantly cheaper, I’ll throw in a second.

If you’re interested, please email me at

The more of these I can sell, the longer I can travel; the longer I can travel, the more of these I can take.

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