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[BAD SIGNAL] End Of Summer

bad signal

Well, yeah, I think it's definitely
autumn now, as I'm now back in
the long leather jacket.  High
winds, driving rain, and persistent
cold.  I think we'll be picking the last
of the cucumbers tonight, and
giving up on the tomatoes -- not
enough sunlight for them to ripen.
Gales took down the mini-greenhouse
last night -- luckily it's all soft 
plastic and wire shelving, and was
empty but for some curly-leaved
parsley that would probably 
survive a nuclear exchange.  Will
pull the last of the lettuce when I
get home, too.

My spare-time (ha!) job for this
week is considering a new book for
Marvel.  I don't really have the heart
to pursue the book Mike Wieringo
and I were going to do with a 
different artist, so I need to
generate something else to fill the
schedule.  This means reading
through a frightening amount of
research material, looking for a
Marvel property that sparks
something.  In practise, this actually
means editor Nick Lowe and I
terrifying each other with old
Marvel stuff.  Illuminator, the
Christian superhero!  Torgo, the
alien fighting robot!  Nick's fixated
on Dum Dum Dugan, nonogenarian
bowler-hatted deputy director of
SHIELD and WWII Howling Commando,
but he's not going to beat me down
on that one, the bastard.

So, yeah, this afternoon I'm half-
blind from spending last night reading
the Wikipedia page listing every
single comics title Marvel ever
published.  I know what I'm looking
for -- something that can carry an
approach to the page that I'm
calling, in the privacy of my own
head, NewPulp -- but it's not turned
up yet.  Not recycling pulp tropes,
but an approach to the page itself,
the panelling, the colouring, the
cuts and the text load.

Just wrote a very brief thing for
GALACTICA, dunno when that
appears... Next month, maybe?
Also have a commission for Forbes,
of all places, to get to next week...

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