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[BAD SIGNAL] The Big Week, A Week Later

bad signal

William at Avatar is very excited.   He has sent me an email in
which he tells me he is very excited.  This is why:
BLACK SUMMER #2 initial orders are HIGHER than #1.  
DOKTOR SLEEPLESS #3 initial orders are HIGHER than #2.
Over 1000 CRECY sold in re-orders in the first week, with more  "pouring in".
As far as I know, William did deep overprints on everything: your
local store CAN still get you BLACK SUMMER #0, BLACK SUMMER #1
CRECY's overprint was especially deep because, as a graphic novella,
we wanted it to be a permanent shelf-life item for comics stores.
The long and short of this message being: it seems to  be working.
-- W



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