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[BAD SIGNAL] Locator

For  LiveJournal users, republishes there  at

I  seem to have reactivated my Facebook page,
possibly while trying to  get the system to shut up.  Pleased to note 
they've finally made it a  little easier to process friend requests, so I 
may keep it a  while. is still open, and I still stick  the 
occasional photo on
(not as  often as I used to, but Flickr now fails to correct unwrap 
MMSed photos, and  publishes my phone number to the web!).

And that's it.  I'm on  Twitter
but my tweets are automagically  republished on, 
so only add me there if you really want me  fresh on your phone, 
as opposed to mildly sweaty on the  web.

Otherwise, apart from one planned shift, and unless something  
radically interesting happens before the end of the year, my web  
presences are limited to the above.

-- W  



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