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[BAD SIGNAL] Two Characters Missing

bad signal

Waiting on new keyboard to be
delivered -- z and x don't work on
this one, I have to press the letters
on the Treo keypad itself.  It seems
this keyboard is no longer made, so
once I wear out the new one, I'll
have to -- sob -- upgrade from my
trusty, world-travelled Treo 600.
Which got mocked at San Diego for
being obsolete, but, really, it does
everything I need a handheld
internet device to do.  I like the Palm
OS on this, it's simple and robust.
No way am I getting a Windows
Treo, I've had experience of the
Windows mobile OS in the past.

Announced today: mine and Chris
Sprouse's OCEAN has been optioned
for film by Hollywood Gang, which
includes Gianni Nunnari, producer
of 300.  No, it has not made me rich.

I'm told that one other TV Option
Thing will be in the offing over the
next 6 weeks, but I've heard that

are coming in still, and they're all
good.  Most of them are getting
that I wanted to write a little black
book, rather than some revolutionary
magnum opus.  No word on sales yet
beyond anecdotal stuff.

Still coughing up lumps of crap --
having to miss an industry do
and drinks with a zombie girl
because of it.  Bah.  But my family
are home now, and brought me
feuer-liqour (sp?) from Austria.
It comes with its own special matches.
I've had the weird pink schnapps
that you set alight, but this is new.
It pours at 50% vol, and you light it
to burn it down to 45% or 40% (it
comes with timings on the label).
One of the bottles is blue, which is...
Worrying?  Interesting.

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